I want to make money from home, so I closed my Independent Used Car Dealership

There had to be a way that I could make money from home. Being a Used Car Dealer in this economy took a lot of time out of my day. You find yourself being at the auction more than running your business. Of course you could hire someone to buy your vehicles for you but that is really an expense you really don’t need. After six years of burning myself out and putting my family basically second, I decided, I want to make money from home.

Before I ventured out to become a Used Car Independent Dealer, I worked for a New Car Dealership, but as the Used Car Manager. In running the Used Car side of it, the numbers that I generated, had the Dealership seeing profits it has never seen in it’s 25 + years of existence.

The Owner acknowledged it, but didn’t acknowledge it. One day the General Manager’s friend needed a job, and just like that my position was gone. At that moment, I knew I couldn’t leave my destiny in the hands of someone who only saw me as an employee number. I then decided for sure, I want to make money from home.

In the mist of me burning myself with my own Dealership, I tried an MLM Home Business. Boy was that a lesson that cost me thousands of dollars, and a garage full of products that were expiring. Needless to say that lasted 7 months longer than it should have. It wasn’t all a waste, I gained enough knowledge to know that Network Marketing was the answer to my situation.

The MLM Business model is not what I was looking for. I didn’t want to chase people, cold call, buy useless leads, figure out how to market this business all alone, and have a so called mentor taking my money for the next best thing.

I wanted to make money from home, not having to worry about someone giving my position to a person that isn’t qualified, and have a home business that generates enormous income while I’m with my family or just doing what I wish to do.

I found a company that has all the marketing methods and more. When I realized what I had my hands on, it was like it fell out of the sky. You will not work another job after you learn this system. This system and Home Business has changed so many lives, it’s amazing.

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John Long is an Online Marketing Business Owner. He knows how to market his business successfully through his professional Marketing Company.

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